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Aluminium slugs and discs

All the Aluminium slugs of different shapes are heat-treated, soft - annealed and the surface tumbled or sand blasted. The slugs are widely used for the manufacturing of aluminum containers or Collapsible Aluminium tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage containers, and many other packaging solutions.

aluminium slugs

We would like to highlight our Aluminium slugs and discs, Aluminium circle with good physical performance, flat surface and smooth edge , Suitable for both deep drawing and Spinning.

Product Range

Alloy Purity Grain Sizes Hardness Thickness Diameters
A1070 99.70% minimum Grain 5 16 to 19 HB 3.00 mm. to 10.00 mm We can supply aluminium slugs of 99.7% Al purity from our aluminium rolling mill. Slugs from Diameter 20 mm to 116 mm can be supplied. The following are the different diameters that can be readily supplied. 20mm, 25 mm, 27mm, 40mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, 63.5 mm, 74 mm, 75 mm, 85 mm, 89 mm, 90 mm and, 116 mm. Slugs to customer's specifications can also be supplied.

Chemical Composition (% maximum allowed by element)

% Si1 >% Fe >% Cu >% Zn >% Mg >% Mn >% Ti >% Other
>% 0.1 >% 0.2 >%  0.04 >%  0.04 >%  0.03 >%  0.03 >%  0.03 >%  0.01

aluminium slug

Aluminium tube

Aluminium permanently prevents the penetration of oxygen. This essential barrier property makes the Aluminium tube a most appropriate and well established packaging in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

Herbal Ointments / Remedies Hair Colorant Hair Fertilizer Petroleum Jelly Pharmaceutical Products Adhesives & Lubricants Tomato Puree, Mustard, Mayonnaise ect. Art paints/Dyes In the packaging of sensitive goods, the Collapsible Aluminium tubes offers unique advantages - today as well as in the future. With its outstanding barrier properties, the Collapsible Aluminium Tube is the ideal packaging to reliably protect a product against UV-light/sunlight, foreign odour and loss of perfume and aroma, while the tube itself is absolutely scent-neutral and can be sterilized and coated with an inert internal lacquer. Collapsible Aluminium tubes consist of 99.7% pure Aluminium, which makes the recycling easy and economically viable. The tube is formed by impact extrusion from a small disk of Aluminium called a slug. The slug size is according to the desired tube dimension and determines either an open tube or a closed tube with a membrane over the orifice. To make the tubes pliable and sterile, they are heat treated in an annealing oven.

aluminium slug

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